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Web Marketing

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eCommerce Web Development and Online Marketing

Long Tail Logic is a complete solution to your online marketing needs.  We have extensive expertise in social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization.  Most importantly, we’re skilled at leveraging synergies between these to ensure that every aspect of your online presence is working as efficiently as possible towards one goal — that of your company.

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When it comes to return on investment, it’s very hard to beat social media marketing.  Social media offers companies the chance to step into their customers’ daily routine and engage with them.  Most people are aware by now that it will turn strangers into customers and customers into vocal fans when managed effectively.  We go beyond this, leveraging your social presence to drive traffic to your website and blog and to give your search rankings a sizable boost.

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Any effective social media presence needs quality content with which to engage; likewise, fresh, regular content is essential to search engine optimization efforts.  Finding or creating quality content can be one of the bigger challenges of online marketing, and it’s one that many aren’t initially aware of.  We have found solutions for a wide variety of businesses, whether that solution ended up being outsourced, internal, or some combination of both.

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Any social media or content marketing campaign that isn’t approached with SEO in mind is missing a huge amount of opportunity.  Social and content marketing create a large volume of valuable, optimizable content and can generate hundreds of keyworded links back to that content and your business’s website.  This is the core of search engine optimization; we leverage the opportunity to it’s full potential, without sacrificing the quality of your marketing.

Our latest blog entry:

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  The rise of social media has generated endless new opportunities for advertisement. With these new platforms, targeting a precise audience for advertisement has never been so effective. The plethora of available advertising avenues also means that one has a lot to consider when starting a new campaign. Every social platform has its own rules and should be researched before advertising on it. Even before that, though, the first goal is to prepare your campaign. Have a quick look into this
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