About Us

Long Tail Marketing Synergy GraphicWe leverage synergies between online marketing techniques to create campaigns that are greater than the sum of their parts.  We use your social media marketing to drive your search ranking; your content marketing to engage your social following; your e-mail marketing to bolster your blog traffic.  More importantly, we make sure all of our efforts further your business’s objectives.

We take care to learn your market and your goals, and we craft a marketing campaign precisely to meet your needs.

Our advantage comes both from our focus on efficiency and synergy in our marketing and our ability to find unique solutions for each customer.  That’s why we place so much emphasis on our free consulting.  We need to understand our customer before we can offer a solution.  We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses in the past — chances are we have some experience working in your industry.

 Everyone here boasts a wide variety of skills, and everyone performs a number of different roles.

We are a small web marketing company located in Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!).  We’re new and growing rapidly, but we boast veteran employees who have been in online marketing for over a decade.  We attribute our success to this fact.  Our ability to design and execute an efficient marketing campaign stems from our understanding of so many different marketing techniques and how they can strengthen one another.

Our focus on synergy doesn’t mean we only offer total solutions.  We also offer individual services such as social media management, content marketing and website development — we simply aim to give clients more value from these services than they expect.


We’re always looking for help building our business.  If you’re interested and you believe you have value to offer us, get in touch.