Content Marketing & SEO

Content Marketing

Content marketing is popular among businesses for quite a few reasons.  If well managed, it can both serve a branding purpose as a voice for the company and also function as a traffic generator.  A blog that is rich in good content and publicized well will not only engage visitors to your website, but it will generate buzz elsewhere on the web and draw a lot of new visitors.  They are also search engine optimization goldmines.  In essence, blogs are large, constantly updated collections of keyword rich pages that encourage lots of high value backlinks.

We tailor our content marketing service to the needs of your business.

We can create and maintain your blog, and ensure that it is perfectly optimized.  We can coach you on content creation and optimize what you create, produce text, photo or video content for you, or manage a copywriter who will write your content for you.  If we’re managing your social presence, we’ll make sure your blog and blog posts are syndicated properly. We excel at the publicity your content requires to succeed.  Once a month, we will sit down with you to plan our next month and review our progress. We’ll take care to cultivate interaction and engagement on the blog, and we’ll record detailed analytics on our effectiveness.

Search Engine Optimization

Our holistic approach to SEO represents the pinnacle of efficiency.

SEO is integral to all of our services.  We take care to ensure we drive search ranking with everything we do.  Social media profiles are optimized and properly linked to your website.  Posts are formated to provide valuable backlinks and support your keywording strategy.  Blog posts are optimized perfectly on site, and publicity is done in such a way as to immediately provide ranking power to those posts and your site as a whole.  Web development we do uses efficient code, crafted with SEO in mind.  Content is placed first and we take care only to use tools that are SEO friendly.  Even e-mail marketing is leveraged to boost your search ranking and is crafted according to your search strategy.

Our search engine optimization service leverages quality setup and valuable content.  As such it is not at risk of being harmed by a future Google algorithm, unlike many other methods.  We generally don’t offer SEO as a stand alone service, due to the holistic nature of our strategy.  That said, if you are looking for consulting or help with your strategy, chances are we will be willing and capable.

Along with SEO, we can help you with paid search advertising.  The research necessary for effective SEO is very similar to the research needed for PPC advertising, so it is easy for us to do either or both.

Content & SEO Services

  • Article Optimization

    We will optimize your content and ensure it is aligned with your existing SEO and marketing strategies.
  • Blog Development

    We'll create a branded wordpress.org blog and work with you to integrate it into your website.
  • Full time account manager

    You'll have access to an account manager based in Ann Arbor, MI during normal business hours.
  • Maintenance

    We'll make sure your blog is up to date, secure, and spam free. We'll monitor visitor activity, and make sure interaction is handled quickly and effectively.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    We'll ensure your blog is perfectly optimized for search engines. It will be integrated into your existing SEO strategy, and improved on an ongoing basis.
  • Syndication of Content

    We will syndicate your content to a network of relevant publishers. Articles will be linked to the original, and the content will be monitored for proper use.
  • Backlinking

    We will do extensive backlinking to your blog posts and articles, giving them a significant boost in importance to search engines.
  • Customer Engagement

    We will help you engage visitors to your blog, and to create a vibrant community.
  • Integration with Existing Design

    A cohesive design across your web presence is very important. We are more than happy to use any existing graphics and design elements when developing your website, blog, and profiles around the web.
  • Publicity

    We will share your blog posts on a wide variety of relevant social bookmarking sites, aggregators and newsgroups to generate referral traffic and additional backlinks.
  • Monthly Statistical Report

    Along with our monthly consulting session, we will provide detailed analytics. We will use these to guide our planning and shape our SEO efforts.
  • Monthly Consulting

    Once a month, we'll review the previous month's activity, plan the upcoming month, and go over anything you are unclear on.
  • Content Outsourcing

    If you need someone to write articles, pages and blog posts, we can help. We work with copy writers that specialize in particular topics, so that your content will be written by an expert in your field.
  • SEO Strategic Planning

    We can research search keyword usage in your market, and develop a long term SEO strategy based on that. We will balance relevance with search volume and competition, targeting the easiest keywords first and achieving the most valuable over time.
  • Paid Advertising

    Organic SEO and paid search advertisng go hand in hand -- the research done for one usually applies to the other as well. We're experienced with both, so if you need paid advertising with or without SEO, we can help.

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Every customer's needs are different, and we need to understand them before we can offer an ideal solution. Tell us about your business and we will be more than happy to help solve your problems, whether the solution is our service or not.