Social Media Management

Social  networks aren’t simply alternative platforms for conversations with customers, they provide a direct avenue into their daily routine for your brand.  Particularly on Facebook, compelling content that is published on social networks not only finds its way into the obsessively checked feeds of your customer base, it is often passed on again to friends and followers of your customers.  In addition to pushing content, listening is valuable on social networks.  It is possible to monitor everything said about your brand and your market, gaining valuable intelligence with an ease and scale unavailable elsewhere.  Joining conversations and responding to customer concerns unsolicited on these transparent platforms has more of an impact that traditional customer service.

Tell us about your business and needs, and we will develop a solution that works for you.

Long Tail Logic can offer as little or as much social media management as you need.  We have experience running larger established social media presences as well as building them from the ground up.  We also work with a variety of types of business.  If you would like us to handle the technical development and management of your social media profiles while you provide us the content and messages to post, we can do that.  If you would prefer us to source relevant, branded messages for you, we can do that as well.

Our social media management service stresses synergy with both your existing marketing strategy and our other services.   We will use your existing graphics whenever possible when crafting your profiles, and we’ll use your current promotions to power follower growth.  Whether or not we are helping you with search engine optimization, we will make sure your activities on social media benefit your search ranking and align with your SEO strategy.  If we are helping you with content marketing, we’ll leverage social media to achieve the maximum audience for your content, and we’ll use that content to drive growth and engagement with your followers.

We ensure that your profiles are unified with your brand, marketing, and existing web design.

Best of all, if you sign a 6-month contract with us for social media management, we will create or improve your Facebook profile for free.  This includes the creation of branded graphics, optimized profile text, and monitoring software setup.  We will even work with you to create a free application.  This application will serve as a landing page that will encourage visitors to like your page and listen to your content.

Complete Social Media Package

  • Branded Profiles on Any or All Social Networks

    We'll do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, as well as a host of others! We will do the set-up, and make sure the profiles are properly maintained.
  • Custom Branded Graphics

    We'll use your logo and any marketing content you already have to create branded custom graphics for your profiles.
  • Daily Updates

    We'll post updates to all of your social accounts. We can post your messages or source the content for this ourselves; it will be relevant to your brand and your followers, and will be optimized to support your SEO strategy. We time posts to achieve the maximum reach.
  • Social Media Management Software

    If you desire, we can give you access to the web and desktop apps we'll be using to manage your social media presence.
  • Access to a Social Media Manager

    You'll be paired up with a US based Social Media Manager, who will be available during normal business hours.
  • Post Optimization

    We'll revise your posts to make sure they work perfectly on each social site. We'll also make sure they're perfectly optimized for search and support your SEO strategy.
  • Reputation Monitoring

    We'll watch your brand on social networks. We will work with your customer service team to resolve any damaging issues.
  • Monthly Consulting

    Once a month, we'll review the previous month's activity, plan the upcoming month, and go over anything you are unclear on.
  • Integration with Existing Design and SEO

    A cohesive design across your web presence is very important. We are more than happy to use any existing design in your social profiles, and keep the profiles current. Also, we will use your social presence to boost your existing SEO efforts. Fill us in on your current strategy and your goals, and we'll work to achieve them.
  • Monthly Statistical Report

    Along with our monthly consulting session, we will provide detailed analytics. We will use these to guide our planning and shape our SEO efforts.
  • Competitive Intelligence

    In your monthly report, we will gather detailed information on what your competitors are doing. We will track growth, promotions, SEO and PPC efforts, and more.
  • Content Sourcing

    If desired, we can find relevant content daily, that engages your customer base, supports your brand and SEO strategy, and encourages sharing and follower growth. We'll syndicate this content across your social presence. A mix of this and broadcasting of useful sales and promotion messages is usually ideal.
  • Audience Building

    We will grow your accounts, building a following that really cares about your brand and listens to your messages. We will not use follow-back lists or automated services that generate thousands of worthless followers.
  • Facebook Promotion

    We can set
  • Facebook App Development

    We can create a variety of applications on your Facebook page. In fact, we generally create one for free for social media management customers. Let us know what you would like to do, and chances are we can help.
  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook ads are one of the most powerful paid advertising tools available -- no other ad network offers the same degree of targeting. We can develop and run your ad campaign and ensure your profiles is optimized to convert on the visitors generated.

We Do Custom Packages

Social media and content marketing management services aren't one size fit all. Consider these packages a pricing guide, and talk to us in order to figure out exactly what we can do for you.